22 Jul 2024 19:38pm
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Business activity


Energoprojekt started as a small company for designing power and hydraulic structures, founded over 60 years ago. Since then, it has expanded its business activities to include the construction of highly complex power, water management, infrastructural and other structures.


The companies belonging to the Energoprojekt system provide a wide variety of services referring to consulting, engineering, construction and equipping, all based on vast experience acquired on numerous projects in different markets.


Energoprojekt Niskogradnja plc is one of the companies within the Energoprojekt system, specialized in the execution of works and engineering of:


•  hydropower structures,

•  concrete and rock-fill dams,

•  irrigation and drainage systems,

•  works on flood protection and river flow regulation,

•  water supply systems,

•  sewage systems,

•  potable and wastewater treatment plants,

•  environmental protection projects,

•  roads and railways,

•  city roads with appurtenant infrastructure,

•  bridges,

•  airports,

•  tunnels and other underground structures,

•  railway and metro stations

•  other infrastructural facilities.


Experience, acquired over half of a century on the projects all over the world, has made a well-known and reliable company out of Energoprojekt Niskogradnja plc which meets the contractual requirements of the employer.


The selection of projects provided under the section “References” represents only a small part of all work the company has done so far.