28 Feb 2024 21:24pm
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Improvement of the embankment of the Tisa River


Short description: The work on the improvement and superelevation of the embankment on the left bank of the Tisa River were executed, total length 19km, from the confluence of the Begej and the Tisa, i.e. km 10+400, upstream up to km 29+546 (in close vicinity of the pump station Elemir-Aradac). The works were executed on the territory of the Municipality of Zrenjanin. Main works include sand preparation and dredging, using floating dredgers intended for sand extraction from the minor river bed of the Tisa river bottom, execution of embankment which is 1m superelevated, on the average. Besides earth works, the reconstruction of structures at km 26+168 was executed, together with the superelevation of the existing manhole at km28+887 and remedying pipeline within the pump station Elemir-Aradac.


Employer: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management – Water Directorate of the Republic of Serbia