20 May 2024 2:24am
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Underground Garage in Belgrade, Serbia




The construction of the underground garage in Pionirski Park was executed in the very center of Belgrade. The garage has three levels and 459 parking lots. This project caused a significant realignment of the existing infrastructure. The works were executed close to the monuments of high cultural and historical importance.


The structure itself has a rectangular base, dimensions 47.50 x 97.67m. The structure has three levels of 2.45m daylight height. The structure on its perimeter has reinforced concrete diaphragms, thickness d=0.60m of an average depth of 14m, that are supporting reinforced concrete slabs of all three levels and decking.


Longitudinally, each garage level is divided by diaphragms, in three, 15m wide parts. Longitudinal diaphragms are d=0.60m thick and H=17m deep on the average. Both perimeter and longitudinal diaphragms support the deck and reinforced concrete slabs on all three levels. The depth of the foundation pit is cca 12.3m.


Two traffic ramps, alternate exits, pedestrian exits and fire escapes, water tanks etc. are the integral part of the structure.


Employer: Beogradčvor, Belgrade