19 Jun 2024 5:27am
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Jurija Gagarina Street and railway overbridge in New Belgrade, Serbia


The Jurija Gagarina Street reconstruction in New Belgrade included the construction of a new railway overbridge, which cleared one traffic bottleneck in Belgrade.


The overbridge structure is a prestressed concrete continuous girder, l=188m long, of a box cross-section.


The overbridge is founded on reinforced concrete piles, and within the abutments, the revetments were executed as well.


In order to align the new railway with the existing one, new road bed and railway superstructure were executed at the given section.


Water supply pipeline, pluvial main drain, telephone and electrical installations were realigned during the Jurija Gagarina Street reconstruction and overbridge construction and new street lights were placed in the area of the works execution.


Employer: Belgrade Land Development Public Agency, Serbia



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