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Chira Piura Special Project, Peru


The irrigation and drainage system within the Chira-Piura Special Project represents the largest irrigation and drainage system, by which the Chira River waters are stored and conveyed into the Piura River basin. It is located in the coastal arid part of northwest Peru.



Peru, INADE – National Institute of Development, Executive Directorate of the Chira-Piura Project

Irrigation system enabled the following:

- irrigation regulation



- improvement of agricultural production of Piura valley



- improvement of  water distribution in Chira valley




The system was executed in three phases.



Phase I

1. Poechos dam
2. Diversion canal Chira-Piura (54km long)
3. Drainage system in Piura valley (network length - 454 km, surface area 40x16 km)

Phase II
4. Los Ejidos dam
5. Lower Piura main irrigation canal (58 km long)

Phase III
6. Sullana dam
7. North canal (56.5 km long)
8. South canal (38 km long)
9. System of dikes (total length 58 km)





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