19 May 2024 1:11am
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Chavimochic Dam, Peru


Short description: The works were executed on the reconstruction of the concrete diversion dam on the Santa River, Chao, the province of Viru, on the north-east of Peru. The reconstruction of the dam, diversion tunnel and absorption basin was executed in order to improve the operation of this structure, which is the central water intake within the Chavimochic irrigation system.


Cofferdams – temporary dams in the river bed were initially built in order to enable the execution of the main construction works and hydro-mechanical equipment placement. The entrance and exit parts of the diversion tunnel were demolished and new concrete structures were executed, along with the hydro-mechanical equipment placement.


The existing absorption basin was reconstructed since it was damaged by erosion. Two new overflow fields were executed and lined with rock blocks with 1m long edges. The reconstruction of the right and central walls of the absorption basin were executed and 0.25m thick stone lining was placed. A new concrete construction was executed to support the system of metal gates and a new portal crane.


Employer: Regional Government of La Libertad (Gobierno Regional La Libertad) – Special Project Chavimochic (Proyecto Especial Chavimochic), Trujillo, Peru.