22 Jul 2024 20:19pm
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Almaly and Abay Metro Stations in Almaty, Kazakhstan



Amaly and Abay metro stations were executed within the construction of the first metro line in the city of Almaty, the Republic of Kazakhstan. These metro stations were executed under very complex geological conditions, at depths of 30m (“Almaly”) and 70m (“Abay”), in the city center.


Each underground metro station includes three tunnel tubes, 80-90m2 cross-sections each, mutually connected by crossings with platform structure and skew tunnels for the passenger access. Almaly metro station is of column type, while the Abay metro station is of pylon type. Tunnel construction includes both primary and secondary lining. Primary lining is made of sprayed concrete reinforced with steel meshes and trussed centers. The secondary lining is made of reinforced concrete.


Modified NATM method, with protective screens, made out of perforated steel pipes grouted with cement mix was applied for the construction of the underground metro stations.


Employer: AO Almatymetrokurilis, Almaty, Kazakhstan