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About us


Energoprojekt was founded in 1951 and today it is a business system which integrates 10 joint-stock companies which provide wide variety of services in the field of consulting, engineering, construction and equipping. Energoprojekt is one of the oldest and largest construction companies in Serbia, capable of executing even the most complex projects, having a long tradition and vast experience.
Energoprojekt Niskogradnja plc, as a company in the Energoprojekt system, is engaged in construction: hydropower structures, concrete and rock-fill dams, irrigation and drainage systems, works on flood protection and river flow regulation, water supply systems, sewage systems, potable and wastewater treatment plants, environmental protection projects, roads, city roads with appurtenant infrastructure, bridges, airports, railways, tunnels and other underground structures, railway and metro stations and other infrastructural facilities.
Throughout its long and successful history, Energoprojekt Niskogradnja plc has executed a great number of significant structures, both in Serbia and many other countries.
Energoprojekt Niskogradnja plc has qualified and experienced personnel, modern construction plants and equipment, quality control laboratories and information systems for business planning and monitoring.

Reference Projects


The mission of Energoprojekt Niskogradnja plc is to contribute to the infrastructure development in all countries where it executes works and to contribute to the improvement of living conditions in social environment. The company has become recognizable as a reliable contractor, which has technical-technological skills, internationally gained experience and understanding for specific requirements of local markets.
Energoprojekt Niskogradnja plc applies the highest standards of ethical business, based on the laws and regulations relevant for business operations in the countries the company operates in.