22 Jul 2024 19:40pm
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Design engineering and construction of the Highway E75, section Novi Sad – Belgrade, Lot 1.1, Serbia



The works on this project refer to the preparation of the main design and construction of Highway E75, section Novi Sad – Belgrade, from km 108 to km 117 and they include the following:

 execution of the highway section, 9km long

 execution of temporary roads in order to separate local and transit traffic

 execution of intersections “Novi Sad-Center” and “Novi Sad-North”

 reconstruction of the existing intersection “Zrenjanin”

 execution of two toll gates

 execution and remedying the total of 16 bridges and culverts

 realignment and reconstruction of existing electrical transmission lines, telecommunication infrastructure, oil and gas pipeline

 execution of a closed drainage system: drain channels, gullies, manholes, canals, trunk sewer and surface storage for waste water collection and treatment


Employer: Public Enterprise Roads of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

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